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Well I'm sorry to go and get all dramatic but I am desperately needing a few spring essentials. With the fluctuating temps and unpredictable precipitation- there are a few things that will help me through the upcoming rainy season.

I'm gaga for these FRYE motorcycle boots. With tights and a skirt or with (I won't call them jeggings) jean leggings and a tee/silk scarf combo- I'll be channeling my inner biker while looking ultimately chic. (photo shopbop.com)

I don't think that there's anything more classic than a trench. I adore its layering abilities and to make whatever you're wearing appear instantly fabulous. This trench I am crazy about. It's not too long- as I tend to look like an oompa loompa in long coats- and has pockets- a personal must. (photo: urbanoutfitters.com)

A key element in my uniform (which I whole-heartedly believe in having) are silky, almost sheer cotton tees in any neutral color. My best friend makes fun of me because I tend to pay too much for simple tees but my cost per wear is very low because I wear them to death. Well, at least that's my logic and I'm sticking to it.

The top of my spring to-do list? Bangs. I love bangs. Love 'em. They make me feel put together even when I'm wearing sweat pants. And I'm thinking about chopping off about 4 inches of my hair. I'll probably chicken out on the latter but I'm gutseying up nonetheless.

I'm so excited for the spring season; my spring fever radar has been sounding off since November, and with a few special pieces, the April showers definitly won't rain on my fashion parade.



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