pizza, pizza.


With the shut down of the city (due to the maybe 2.5 inches of 'snow' that we got- Southerners freak out when it snows) I have vegged more this weekend than should ever be humanly possible. It was delightfully sinful and the good news is that I was able to catch up on my fave cooking shows without interruption.*

In the spirit of my thirty-six hours spent on the couch showing love to my dvr- I am going to make this recipe. Except I'm going to add proscuitto and basil instead of oregano aaaaannnd I'm going to wash it down with red wine. A perfect way to end a perfectly relaxing weekend!!

pics to come...

*and by no interruption, I mean only slight and borderline irritating interruptions by bf to tell me to quit being lazy while he was on his way to the gym. that's cool- he's just jealous.  



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