I be damned...


So I read this site on occasion and sometimes I laugh (out loud, loudly) and other times, I want to shoot myself in the foot. I decided that today is the latter after reading this post:

 If you're a smart girl, it's important to downplay your intelligence and if you're a tall girl, try to date sitting down.  Downplaying your weaknesses is the only way to get laid because men don't feel virile unless they're the funniest, smartest and largest person in the room, both in height and in girth.
Basically, if you want a husband, don't mention anything you're proud of.

Now, I almost shit myself after reading this. I pray to Betty Friedan that she's kidding. I am lucky because the bf likes loves and respects the fact that I'm a fierce broad and I can handle my own and- on occasion- him, too. My mom and dad love that about me, seeing as how they raised me to be that way. So let me correct what this writer said, I wouldn't want a man who didn't love the fact that I was the funniest, smartest, and largest person in the room.  

And to top this morning off, I read that it is now legal in Virginia to discriminate in the workplace based on sexual orientation. I kid you friggin' not. What world are we living in? Rachel Maddow is having a panic attack somewhere as we speak. The Virginia governor is a freaking maniac and quotes the bible to back up his claims about homosexuals. Now I really want to shoot myself. I just hope that one day, we (as a society and world) will look back on the disgusting things that we (as a society) have allowed to happen to people of different sexual orientations and genders the same way we look back on not allowing anyone other than white males have the right to vote. 

And I'm done. Happy Tuesday. I'll probably post a happy post later. 



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