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so, i started a new blog and will no longer be writing here at The C-Word.

while nothing groundbreaking and, aesthetically, still a work-in-progress, my new space will be words and photos with no bloggish stuff. oh, how i have developed a real disgust for the bloggish stuff. while i think other people do it very well, i think it's easy to hide behind. i think it comes off like you're trying to sell something and selling anything is just not my thing. i don't want anyone to care about what i wear or how i dress my kids or whether or not i can cook.

i've also realized that i write simply because i don't know how not to. for that reason alone, i will continue to do so. i'd also like to take some photos with a real camera, something that is at the top of my life to-do list. i've felt bored with this space for a while and so i did something about it. i gave myself a clean slate to work on some goals.

i couldn't come to terms with deactivating the c-word because so many important parts of my life have been documented here. so, this blog will stay active for the time being in case you want to read any of the archives. when i have the time to save certain posts to word documents, i'll likely retire it all together and deactivate.

i hope you'll continue to read my words at www.christinefadel.com for more of the same and less of the fluff. i assigned myself a little project over there, too. i am going to write every day for the next 365 days. (it began march 2nd, the day after my birthday and will last until i turn 3-0.)

as always, thank you for following along with my journey and thanks for always being so supportive.

"write what you know." -anne lamott


Buyessays said...
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Unknown said...

i've likewise understood that i compose basically on the grounds that i don't know how not to. consequently alone, i will keep on doing so. i'd additionally get a kick out of the chance to bring some photographs with a genuine camera, something that is at the highest point of my life schedule. i've felt exhausted with this space for some time thus i made a move. i gave myself a fresh start to chip away at a few objectives.


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