five (or seven) things | NC edition


i have yards. in the front AND in the back. and you see that rosemary bush in the bottom right?
it's the thing my dreams are made of. 

so, i just got back from spending five days with edie in NC to CLOSE ON OUR HOUSE (!!!!!!) and finalize some things. here are a few things i observed while back in the south for a few days:

1. my house is... well... it's perfect. everything i could hope for and then a whole lot more. mind you, i have a list of projects a mile long, the entire interior needs painting (the previous owners painted the walls, molding, and ceilings the same shade of shit beige which, you know, simply isn't okay), and dare i say that the kitchen is too white but the fact remains that it is our house and i am so ready to make it our home. to say that i am excited would be an understatement of epic proportions. i've way surpassed cloud nine.

2. southern people have a tendency to go above and beyond with the manners. like, i'll get that door, ma'am. no, i'll get the door for her. oh, no. i'll get that door for her. it's like, well while y'all sit here and argue who is getting the door, I'LL JUST GET THE DAMN DOOR. when we were still living in north carolina and people were overly kind to the point of annoyance, i am sad to admit that i questioned their motives. however, when i went home this time, i realized that random kindness (chivalry, manners, charm, whateverthefuckyouwanttocallit) is just the thing i want my girls to grow up giving freely and accepting graciously. because, in all honestly, kindness doesn't cost a damn thing. sprinkle that shit everywhere.... 

3. traveling solo with only edie was basically a five star spa vacation compared to traveling with a mobile, sassy, overly energetic threenager. she was a gem. i really missed my overly energetic sassafrass though.

4. all of the things i wasn't fond of in the south are now things that i'm so excited to have back in my life. driving? even with the traffic? buying my own groceries? warm winters? hell to the yes. yards and grass and trees? who cares about allergies! sneezes all around! southern drawls and accents and people who walk and drive slower than snails as if they have nowhere to go.... YES. one hundred times, yes. i imagine my distaste for the slower pace of life will be back all in due time but until then, there is nothing but YES.

5. the food game in charlotte has been upped dramatically since we left. there is now even a pretentious doughnut shop that sells those little fried pieces of heaven covered in maple glaze and bacon bits. doughnut plant, who?

6. in regards to the matter of the reappearance of my southern twang? well, it only took a matter of hours after landing on southern soil before it came back strong. now, when i say y'all, people won't judge me behind my back because in the south, y'all is a proper noun.

7. are we crazy to not actually begin packing until the monday before we leave? my thought process is that we live in 723 square feet and don't exactly have a lot of stuff so having four or five days to do the bulk packing shouldn't be a problem. furthermore, we actually use almost everything on a day-to-day basis. also, we don't exactly have space to store the packed boxes unless we want to sleep or walk on them.

IT'S ALMOST GO-TIME, PEOPLE!!!!! 22 days and counting...

oh, and happy thanksgiving. we're not big turkey people (unless it's fried, because, duh) so we're (read: i) cooking rack of lamb. i'm also keeping up the tradition of homemade biscuits and gravy for brunch. i'm not sure about you but i'm really thankful for gluttony. and sausage. i'm very thankful for that, too.


VelmaRose said...

Congrats on the new house! And the continuously beautiful family! And that goddamn rack of lamb. I wish one of the three Thanksgivings (or, as I call it, Thankstaking, based on what history tells us...) was serving a different animal. Happy Thanksgiving, though! Best of luck with the packing!


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