marlo being marlo


"mama. since i a big girl, i done taking naps now, yeah?! i have an idea! i'll just have quiet time with the iPad, okay? yeah. okay." 

"when will baby edie do something?" 

"why can't i be nakey outside again mama?" (as she's actively taking her skirt off on the playground)

"daddy doesn't have a jay jay, mama. why not? what does he have?" um...

"play the hoe-zsherrr song mama. where they go to church. what is church?" (that's hozier.)

upon leaving for the playground with her sitter, she turns around and says "have a good day, mama. okay byeeeeeee."

"you can't be elsa mama. you don't have the right hairs."

"is daddy in florida this week? oh, he's not? what about... calwaforna?"

"mommy you are so beautiful. but you really, REALLY need lipstick." uh, thanks, mo.

"you going peeps or poops? you need to hurry."

"am i stwessing you out mom? or am i driving you crazy?" 

we've been talking a lot about dreams lately and when i asked her what she thinks baby edie dreams of, without missing a beat, she says, "your boobs."


Olivia A. said...

So glad to see you're documenting her "isms". Priceless!


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