the affect of new york city


this city hardens its' people. but in a good way.

those words couldn't ring more true to me.

and i couldn't be more thankful for the sentiment.

we've been in nyc/brooklyn for almost two years and even though i'm a long ways away from being able to declare myself a true new yorker, i'm incredibly content with who i've become since living in this city. there may be parts of life in this city that i'll never get used to and raising a kid here presents its' fair share of challenges but.


the truth is that i like me a hell of a lot better after having called this city home.

the important things are more important and more obvious. the unimportant things rarely even register to me because i don't waste my time worrying about them. a few rough edges have softened while others have sharpened out of necessity. the parts of life that matter have shifted squarely into focus all while allowing the trivial to fall by the wayside. i'm more determined, more inspired, more stimulated, more present, more focused. i own my strengths, fess up to my weaknesses, and acknowledge that there is always room for improvement.

i know that not all of these changes can be contributed solely to new york. being a mother, a spouse, a friend, a daughter, a student of life- all of those worn hats play a role in shaping and molding me into whomever it is that i'm on my way to becoming.

but new york definitely plays a dominant role. there is no city like it and i doubt i'd be who i am if we were elsewhere. that thought isn't one that makes me very comfortable. so, even though i may bitch about this city more than i ever sing its' praises, i'm actually truly grateful for what its' done for me and my family. i don't want to be anywhere but exactly where we are.



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