ten things currently making me very happy


1. chopped bbq from courtney's in clover, south carolina. and the onion rings. and the cole slaw. and the hushpuppies.
2. driving back into the city last night and feeling that familiar buzz in my soul. this is home.
3. the killing, season four. best show ever.
4. waking up to marlo this morning. good god. i missed my girl something fierce.
5. a new pretty dress and having an occasion to wear it.
6. brooklyn roasting company's coconut green iced tea. it almost makes me forget about coffee. almost.
7. watching joe and marlo's dance parties.
8. the weather right now. it feels like fall.
9. sam smith. he purrs and makes you want to take your pants off.
10. these VINCE lambskin slip-on sneakers. for seventy-five percent off. winning.



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