five things | i never want to forget


1. i never want to forget the moment you snatched a pair of sample frames off of the table and quickly placed them on the brim of your nose and announced to me, "i's mama! i's mama, mama!!" and then you laughed hysterically at your own humor. man, two is just so, so damn good.

2. i never want to forget wednesday morning on the A train. it was the best people-watching i've been privileged to witness in a while. i'm talking passing the 72nd street station and glancing out the window only to see a homeless man peeing straight onto the tracks in full-view of everyone. i mean, i saw his penis. and it was scary. you know what? i'd actually like to forget that part of it.

3. i never want to forget the way that marlo cocks her head, like a spaniel, when she asks for a cookie.  first to the left for the initial request and then to the right as she makes it less of a request and more of a demand. when i repeat her question to her, i get an overly-enthusiastic nod. we won't discuss what happens when i say no... that isn't even remotely cute. can't say that i blame her, though. i mean, who doesn't love cookies.

4. i never want to forget the amount of time i spend thinking about marlo's pooping habits. i find it so comical that this is what my life has come to- focusing more on a toddlers' bowel movements than i do on myself.

5. i never want to forget that moment when i walked in on mo and her little toddler boyfriend, xavier, laying on his bed and spooning. half very cute, half absolutely terrifying. here's to puberty and adolescence!


Unknown said...

Oh I know that cookie look all too well. My 2 year old does the same thing and I find it extremely difficult to say "no" that face but I'm not crazy about her eating cookies on guess what I'll be taking off of my grocery list. Too bad when I tell her that we don't have any, she responds with "Store, Mama." Dammit. -Misty @


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