life lately


a photo shoot with six ridiculously cute toddlers. baby girl's first sprinkles atop strawberry ice cream from jacques torres. an epic thunderstorm that rivaled the southern ones i grew up on. repetitive doses of necessary perspective. equal amounts of iced cold brew and rosé. summertime humidity. a day with my tribe. new friends. homemade popsicles. one of the worst days i've had as a mother. one of the best days i've had as a mother- marlo said i love you for the first time. a lot of confidence. a lot of doubt. thoughts of the near and far future. planning of the near and far future. deciding that planning might be dumb. so much writing (thankful for the work). hours spent on swings. too much pouting. too much whining. tantrums of herculean proportions. too many tears. very little napping. arms heavy with a cranky and sad toddler. not enough quiet. more hugs and kisses to imaginary booboos than i can count. the same six board books three hundred and forty seven times each. three containers of bubbles. two cartons of eggs. a lot of explaining why. a whole lot of love. 

so, so much love. 



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