five things | i never want to forget


1. i never want to forget the pouty face she gives when she wants something. it's so obviously and incredibly fake that even she can't keep it for too long before bursting into laughter. thanks, joe, for teaching her that one. luckily for her, i've always been a sucker for a killer sense of humor. i'm also a sucker for marlo. i'm sure that helps her case only slightly.

2. i never want to forget how often marlo comes up to me and asks for a dance. dancsh? dancsh, mama? i also never want to forget the way her little body moves. she's so uninhibited when she hears a tune; her little fist pumps in the air as she twists her hips and bounces up and down. she's an equal opportunist when it comes to the type of tune, too. there's no rhyme or reason to her musical preferences and i really love that about her.

3. i never want to forget those glorious forty five minutes when marlo sat and played BY HERSELF while i got some work done. FORTY. FIVE. MINUTES. this has never happened before and will most likely never happen again. but it's a moment i've dreamed of since she was old enough to sit by herself but refused to.

4. i never want to forget how the sun is bleaching the little hairs that frame her face. to balance those now strawberry blonde tresses, her skin is a deep golden brown, with the best farmer's tan ever.

5. i never want to forget monday afternoon when, unprompted, i heard marlo say i love you for the first time. a shitty day that turned into a highlight of my life. doesn't get much better than that, i think.



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