five things | from vacation


1. sand isn't really that bad. i'll even go as far to admit that laying in the shallow wading pool with marlo while she dug and dripped wet sand onto my legs may have been the highlight of my time at the beach.

2. once you see a sandy naked baby bum running down the beach, laughing uncontrollably without restraint, a bathing suit becomes completely arbitrary. i mean, it's just the cutest damn thing.

3. charlie, a ten month old baby girl, was the inducted as the newest member of our vacation troupe this year. two very important lessons learned from charlie's appearance: for starters, i'm not ready to add another babe to the mix just yet. two just seems like so. much. work. also, i want to soak up more solo time with marlo during the magical age of two and three. secondly, i can't wait another moment to give marlo a sibling. seeing her be so incredibly enamored with little charlie was enough for my ovaries to pulse. every morning, marlo would greet that baby with an enthusiastic hiiiiiiii, charlie! followed by a kiss to her peach-fuzz-covered head and a gentle little squeeze around her belly. quite the conundrum i've gotten myself into.

4. six kids all under one roof are very, very loud. but it's a really good kind of loud, one that didn't make me want to hide in a dark room somewhere with a bottle of wine by my damn self. i actually quite enjoyed it. this isn't to say that i wasn't a loyal fan of nap-time, though.

5. for the first time in years, i have tan lines. apparently you can still get a tan while wearing spf 400.



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