you are two, modine. two!


i thought that i'd be more emotional when this day finally arrived. i'm a little sad, of course... sad that you need me less and less each day. luckily, though, that sadness is easily distracted by equal parts accomplishment, awe, and pride.

i feel accomplished for making it this far and doing a seemingly decent job at being your mom. i'm in awe of how bright your light shines and the pull you seem to have around you. even at just two, you are utterly fascinating, so funny, and you already steer your own path.

the past two years haven't been necessarily easy and i'd be lying if i said that i've gotten it all right every single day. but i've loved you more than i ever knew it was possible to love someone. i've tried my hardest to be good and to do good and to teach you to be and do good. ultimately, those are the only goals i set for myself as a parent because i know that they're what actually matter.

marlo, if you grow up confident of anything, i hope that you're always sure of how much i love you, how much happiness you've brought me, and how much softer and fuller my heart is because you take up the majority of it.

you are my sunshine, marlo,
my favorite person in the entire world.  
you're the closest i'll ever come to magic.
i love you to the moon and back and so very much further. 

hugs and one million kisses,



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