five things | people who deserve it


1. donald sterling. i can't bring myself to explain his behavior because that would essentially be dignifying his behavior. so, i'll let google and CNN do it for me in case you don't know what's going on.

2. olivia munn. she's not only talented, gorgeous, cheeky, intelligent, and funny as sin, she's also dating aaron rogers of the green bay packers. (aaron wins in a tom brady match up any day of the week. however, russel wilson beats them both and is the sole purpose i even watch professional football on saturdays. i mean, sundays.) 

3. mila kunis. sure, she's a pretty damn cute pregnant woman. however, when she appeared on the ellen to discuss her engagement and the spawn of ashton kutcher, she lamented that she was planning on having a natural birth (no epidural) because, "i'm crazy. i mean, i did this to myself- i might as well do it right." she then added, "i wanted this. it's like, no one made me do this [pointing to her belly]... i did have a little help. just a little bit." let me say that she doesn't deserve it for wanting a natural birth. i wanted a natural birth. a lot of women want and have a natural birth and i applaud them. however, stating that because she wanted to be pregnant so she might as well do it right implies that women who want to be pregnant and choose an epidural are somehow doing it wrong. everyone is entitled to their own birth plan and their own opinion. i just think that unintelligent or uninformed opinions should be kept to themselves. birth (and motherhood) is hard (and personal) enough. let's not make it harder for people, mmmmkay?

4. hospital cafeterias. i was undoubtedly starving after my surgery and not eating for a solid thirty-six hours. they could've fed me jell-o and chicken broth and i would've been a happy patient. but, sadly, no. they deliver me a scoop of fluffy egg product, sausage that contained god knows what, and french 'toast.' also, apple juice that was only ten percent juice, coffee with ultra-pateurized whole milk, and a packet of white sugar. maybe it's just me. but. it seems a little counterintuitive to serve people- whose sole purpose of being in the hospital is to get well- food that has no nutritional value whatsoever. there wasn't a single green, healthy fat, fiber, or protein that could be classified as turkey or pork or some other other white meat? it makes no sense to me. 

5. the blacklist. that show is so damn good and the season finale did not disappoint. however, the blacklist deserves it because we're no closer to knowing who berlin is, who red really is, and what's going to happen to tom now than we were from the first few episodes. i'd argue that the blacklist is by far better than house of cards and let it be known that james spader would dominate kevin spacey in a colossal showdown of sitcom badass-ness. 


Chelsea Mac said...

Preach sister - on all fronts! And glad you at recovering. :)

Anni said...

I am so with you on the hospital food. I couldn't wait to get some real food after my stay.

Anonymous said...

When I saw mila say that on Ellen I cringed and blamed it on her pregnant brain. Smh.


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