five things | life in new york


1. i possess both a deep love and hate for nyc subways. one one hand, it's alone time, filled with the best people watching ever. i mean, i fell in love with new york because of the people watching so, you know. also, nobody cares about you on the subway. i had a good public cry a few weeks ago on the train- without sunglasses on! no shame!- and no one even asked if i was okay! i loved it. on the other hand, it's filled with strangers who smell odd, people asking for money, sicklings sneezing on you or standing too close to you, a homeless man claiming that jesus was coming tonight (TONIGHT!) at 10:17pm to kill all of us democrats, and don't even get me started on rush hour. but most days, i lean towards loving it.

2. for the first time in a very, very long time, i was able to brag about the weather to my friend in north carolina. over the winter that lasted for-fucking-ever, nobody envied me and all of my my michelin-man-resembling glory. but now? yeah, now, i'm winning. it's sixty degrees today with a constant light breeze. in north carolina? not so much. i think he said it was close to ninety degrees today. yuck. and a big boo. ya. kah. sha. to y'aaalllllll.

3. the food trucks. they're everywhere and they win. they always win.

4. my mamiga karolina informed me yesterday that there is a rosé festival involving a boat, rosé, cheese, and charcuterie? can we talk about how my life was made with this? MADE.

5. who needs a backyard when there are fire escapes? i mean, really. they're just about the dreamiest of dreamy things. my real estate fantasies all involve living in some large and open loft with a metal fire escape to enjoy wine with joe in the evenings and big mugs of coffee in the mornings. i want potted plants and herbs to litter it. what'd i tell you? it's dreamy, i tell you. dreamy.


Andrea @ The Long Way Home said...

I need the details on this rosè festival! Sound like perfection!

And I've always loved fire escapes too. Our place doesn't have much going for it besides the spaciousness and the fact that I managed to make my fire escape dreams come true. ;)


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