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joe being home. even though my mom was here this week to help me (and oh my lord what a help she was!), having joe home just makes it all work better. marlo missed him so much and the bed wasn't quite crowded enough for me. plus, he's my favorite to annoy and his butt is my favorite to pinch. so there's that.

naps and homemade almond milk lattes. with the sleep regression that marlo has been staking ownership of as of late, naps and caffeine are the only things keeping me going. add on top of it my recovery and it's just cruel. side note: any tips on getting a two year old back on track or is this just something that she has to work out? i'm at my breaking point so any help would be great.

living an uncluttered life. i hate junk. i love trinkets and such. but i hate meaningless junk. pointless and purposeless things give me anxiety and make life feel increasingly hectic and more cramped than it already is. i like our bedroom simple. a lack of art hanging over our blue iron bed. no rug lazily hovers over our hardwoods and that's just the way i prefer it. i'm not going to go and get all scandanavian and have our mattress on the floor with cheap white sheets or anything close to it because i'm slightly more high-maintenance traditional than that. but when it comes to my current interior preferences, i like my space to be curated and uncomplicated, understated and restrained.

gimme all the fresh flowers. my, oh my. i'm such a stereotypical female sucker for fresh flowers. i didn't used to be. in fact, i used to turn my nose up at the mere thought of joe buying me flowers for any occasion because they'd just die- i thought it was a horrible gift to give someone to show your love. but now? i can't get enough of them. i buy them for myself an indulgent amount. i think it has to do with the lack of nature surrounding our concrete jungle. receiving beautiful bouquets of tulips, peonies, and lilies had to be the one upside of my surgery- every corner (which isn't many) of my home now seems to be littered with them.

quiet. it becomes such a luxury when you have a child. even as i sit here and write this, marlo and joe are both napping and, instead of taking the nap which i so desperately need, i'm soaking up the silence. i like being alone and spending time by myself. any time i get to do it, i do it.

6-5-4-3-2-1. the countdown to the mamigas second annual spring break is on. on friday morning, my two favorite southern mamas, april and erin, will be joining me in brooklyn to have some much needed girl's fun. i've been looking forward to this weekend since i left the one last year in charlotte. next year, i'm voting that it be at a beach and should last for an entire week. thoughts, ladies?


erin said...

H yes!

ne-ne land said...

Love your blog! It also brings me right back to NY, which I am missing something fierce :-( Homemade almond milk lattes are the best! And sleep regressions are plain awful...My almost 2 yr old began to turn a corner when my sanity was pretty much lost. Sticking to an earlier bedtime helps us, as hard as it is to keep to sometimes. I feel your pain! Hope you get some relief soon!


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