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the first after. you can find the actual original here.
remember when i completed my first DIY by painting these chests for our move to brooklyn? well, i had every intention to use them as side tables in our bedroom. well, due to poor measuring skills- read: not measuring the bedroom at all- we were only able to use one of the chests in our bedroom. oops. i surely didn't want to be accused of throwing forty bucks and all of my hard work down the toilet, so, i put the extra chest in this odd nook in the second bathroom. side note: is it just me or does it sound insane to even have a second bathroom in an apartment whose master bedroom can't even fit two side tables? let alone, a real dresser?

anyway. i wasn't pleased with the chest being stuck in that nook in the bathroom. it looked odd and didn't fit in at all. every time i'd give marlo a bath, i'd ignore the chest like it was some red-headed step-child just so i wouldn't feel the urge to re-arrange our entire house. while i'll admit that i'm not great at letting anything go, i reminded myself repeatedly that we're renting and it's fiiiineeeee for the time being, and blah, blah, blah. however, i've recently discovered and fully accepted that i'm slightly psychotic when it comes to my homes' overall aesthetic. the nesting bug never bit me while i was pregnant and we were in a home which we owned. why would it? instead, that bug bit when we moved to manhattan and i needed things to do to our place to avoid thinking about the fact that we were no longer in our home which we owned.

i developed a love-hate relationship with this damn chest. it made me feel like an asshole, feeling such unkind emotions towards a perfectly good piece of furniture. i usually maintain zero qualms with being an asshole but, when it comes to undeserving pieces of furniture, i typically give in and compromise. so, i devised a plan to put it to better use in marlo's big(ger) girl room. as it turns out, the metal bookcase that housed all of her books and toys (you know... the one that marlo is constantly trying to pull down on top of her) is the exact same width as that odd bathroom nook. essentially, it was fate: the metal death-trap, home to dr. seuss and a stupid amount of ikea wooden toys, immediately fulfilled its' destiny in the bathroom while mr. rast claimed a cute and cozy corner of our gal's cozy bedroom.

but not before i re-hacked the hack, of course.
after marlo's amazing aztec-barbie rug arrived, i got to work on the chest. again. i decided to paint it a shade that goes by the name of leisure green. (note: this color is far more blue than it is green. it's a true mint, which, is what i wanted.) i also removed the campaign-style hardware; marlo is a fairly sophisticated almost-two-year-old but let's get serious. i removed the brackets, filled the holes with some elmer's wood filler, and then gave it a solid sanding/scruff. two coats of primer, two coats of paint, and then, voilá! oh, and i also added some amazing paper from dabney lee inside of the drawers to add that little extra something special. i'm so pleased with how it turned out. i think modine could care less but one day she'll appreciate it.

*more pics of her room to come next week after i finishing hanging art and photos.



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