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yesterday, my friends over at WellRoundedNY and Baukjen asked me to participate in a fun little visual exploration into mama style. admittedly, i'm not always put-together and very rarely will you find me in a dress. in fact, dresses give me terrible anxiety so if you see me in one, you know that whoever i'm wearing said dress for is pretty special. 

however, i do know what works for me and what makes me feel most comfortable. this outfit is a variation of my daily uniform. an edgy jacket (typically leather), my new favorite slouchy silky cotton tee, comfortable leather bootiesa great pair of jeans, and really simple accessories. so, thank you to Kaity and Jessica at WRNY and Baukjen for asking me to be a part of your photo style diary- it was so much fun! oh, and, thank you to karolina for snapping our picture outside of the museum!

so, can we talk shop for a few minutes? 

i've been thinking a lot lately about where i want this blog to go- if anywhere at all. i've been thinking too much about what i really want to say and what i don't or won't discuss. even though i've been approached with some really great and humbling offers, this blog will never be sponsored. ever. i didn't start this blog to make money. i started this blog because i had things to say and no platform to do so how i wanted to do it. five years later, i'm still here, writing about life the way that i want to write about it and i thoroughly enjoy this extremely small part of my life. 

over the years, i've realized that i am, indeed, a writer. i can legitimately call myself that now because i get paid to do it- just not on this blog which is how i like to keep it. writing is how i make sense of life- mine and others. i'm never going to stop writing and i certainly don't need a pay check to keep me from doing so. it's just what i do. the fact that my life and honesty have resonated with others around the world is humbling and unreal. i talk about very personal things (like my battle with postpartum depression and my birth story) and i also leave a lot of things out (my marriage and extended family, for instance).

over the past year or so, my blog readership has grown exponentially and i've begun receiving emails from women (and men!) about a number of things. some of these emails are very personal and i feel honored that people trust me enough to share their struggles and pain. it means an incredible amount to me and, truthfully, it's probably helped me far more than it's helped them. camaraderie and community are two beautiful tally marks under the PRO'S column of writing a blog. 

i also get fun emails asking me where something marlo or i are wearing is from or what color lipstick do i always wear or where are my favorite places to eat in brooklyn. so, i try to keep a balance of content so that it's not so serious all the time. i believe that life should be about balance and i try to apply that here. 

with that said, i'm going to start including some new stuff and some more of the same, just with the volume turned up. for example, by request, i'm going to do style posts a little more frequently (in my closet) just to keep things fun and pretty because i really enjoy clothes and, honestly, there are times when i have nothing else to write about. let me assure you, though, that this will NEVER, EVER turn into a fashion blog that includes forty three photos of me making a duck face from seventeen different angles. i have no intention of ever becoming a fashion blogger because that would entail planning my outfits, shaving my legs and washing my hair more frequently, and even wearing make-up on a regular basis, all of which are things that i simply refuse to do. also, being in front of a camera makes me sweat. so, these posts will be more like a candid photo or two in addition to a detailed list of where you can find the items that i have- quite literally- in my closet. (again, these posts are not sponsored or include affiliate links in which i'd make a commission. if someone has given us an item of clothing, it'll be stated.)

anyway, this was all really just one long-winded way of saying that i'm slowly making some changes around here (like the new layout) and would love to hear what you think, what you'd like to see more of, am i coming across like a tool bag, do i really look as awkward in photos as i think i do? i can handle it, so throw it at me! 

as always, thanks for reading along!



Heidi said...

I just spewed my coffee reading the duck face thing! Funny! Change and growth is a good thing. I read your blog because you are funny, honest, fierce and vulnerable all at the same time. I am looking forward to the new stuff on your blog. Hell no you do not look awkward in photos... I never would have guessed you are uncomfortable being photographed. That's just it though, you share that you are uncomfortable with being photographed (as most of us are) and it's that kind of stuff that makes me like you. :)


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