the 52 project | 10


"a picture of my daughter, once a week, every week, in 2014." 
two things about this week's photo: for starters, your scrumptious little feet are quite possibly the cutest damn things i've ever set my eyes on. i thought they'd become less cute the older you became but no such chance. secondly, before you were born, your mimi surprised me and gifted us my entire childhood collection of books, which, were all in perfect condition. i had no idea that she had even kept them! reading to you was one part of parenthood that i was looking forward to the most. for the longest time, you could care less about books; your attention span was less than tolerable of an entire story. but now? nothing makes you happier than bringing a book over to me and plopping down into the nook of my lap to listen to me read to you. both of these things- your edible toes and reading stories together- make my heart do all kind of mushy and embarrassing things. ily, marlo.


Heidi said...

Delectable baby feet are the best!


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