a bucket list | 27 things to do while i'm 27


i like to do lists. you may call me type-a, i call it setting intentions. tomato, tomahhto. whatever. i just like holding myself accountable, even if it is to no one other than myself.

so, here they are:

1. travel somewhere by myself with no agenda or plans. just have the time and space to think and photograph and write and eat as i damn well please.

2. write hand-written letters to people for no real reason. just be more personal.

3. get my nose pierced. (scheduled)

4. join a museum.

5. get another tattoo. or three. sorry, i'm not sorry, mom. (process is in motion)

6. build something from scratch that doesn't include ikea furniture.

7. go on a girls trip.

8. find a charity i believe in. (found it. officially a member.)

9. cut all of my hair off. (hey, stephanie! hold me to this next time you see me and the scissors are in your hands.)

10. visit a city or state i've never been. more than one would be a bonus.

11. write a story that isn't about my life, but, about someone else's.

12. start a monthly girls poker night. (this was julie's idea. we must follow through.)

13. take a writing or photography class.

14. plan a vacation for just me and joe. make it- and keep it!- a surprise.

15. renew my passport. i have a feeling we may need it at some point in the future.

16. go one month without buying anything unnecessary. (clothes, crap, shit i don't need.)

17. buy a bike. or a bugaboo. whichever helps keep us outside as much as possible this spring and summer.

18. make a habit of writing down my own recipes. maybe one day they'll mean something to my kids or grandkids.

19. bring plants into our home and, preferably, keep them alive.

20. this summer at the beach, play in the sand with modine even though i despise nothing more than sand.

21. shave my legs more frequently.

22. make it official and get a new york state license.

23. bake something from scratch every week. bread, a cake, muffins, scones, whatever. just bake.

24. be that family who picks apples in the fall just so that i can bake an apple pie from scratch.

25. have our very first christmas tree as a couple and family and send out christmas cards.

26. start a new family tradition for each holiday that passes.

27. write every single day. practice can only make me better.


Rebecca Orr said...

I am a list maker. I need to make one with 28 things to do since I turned 28 yesterday. We are sooo that family that goes apple picking! Pie, apple crisp, apple chips, and apple pie jam are my go-to's. Well, that and stuffing my face with different apples as we pick! Nose is already pierced and I love it. Tattoos are definitely on the agenda. I still don't have any but there are at least two that I want before my next birthday which is totally doable. Good luck with your list!


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