five things | bacon


when more than one person sends you this video and says that you immediately popped up in their heads? well... frankly it could mean a few things and i doubt that any are things that one should or would brag about.

except me, of course.

1. i apologize in advance for my resemblance to one benjamin 'bubba' buford blue, but here are some of my favorite ways to eat bacon: an ultimate and classic BLT, candied bacon, bacon dark chocolate, loaded onto a five guys burger, actually on any sandwich, for that matter. i love locally made bacon mayonnaise, the classic bacon and eggs, bourbon- maple-bacon ice cream, bacon and maple ale, bacon vodka in a bloody mary, a bacon cupcake, in the ultimate mac and cheese, and, last but not least, just as a little midday snack. an afternoon delight, if you will.

2. if anyone wants to buy me this book, i'd gladly accept it. no, i am not kidding. and, yes, this book is real.

3. i once tried to become a vegetarian. keyword: tried. synonyms: failed. i had dreams about bacon for weeks where i could actually smell ol' wilbur frying up in the skillet. i took that as a sign that i just wasn't meant to be a vegetarian. ever.

4. i gave birth to the only human in the world who could possibly love bacon more than me. it's the only thing she won't share. i can't blame her.

5. turkey bacon is not bacon. it just isn't. i've tried. i've tried very hard, in fact. but it's just. not. bacon.


Alexandra said...

I'm so hungry!

SRO said...

Now I know exactly what to get you for your birthday...

Chelsea Mac said...

There must be something magic about bacon and toddlers b/c our little who will not eat meat makes a singular exception for bacon. mmmmmmmmm

nicole gonzalez said...

My only thought after watching the video and reading your post...did you buy the bacon bowl?


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