doing nothing and nothing that turns into something


"when words run dry,
he does not try,
nor do i.

we are on par.

he just is,
i just am,
and we just are."
-lang leav
my dad once told me that the real way to gauge a relationship was whether or not you could just do nothing with them and not feel the need to fill the space with pointless words.

can you sit with them in silence?

can you feel the weight of the day melt away just by a simple touch?

can you relax by simply being in their presence?

can you do nothing, yet, feel like you're doing everything?

can you just be?

joe, you are my favorite person to do nothing with.

you always have been.

it's why i fought so hard. it's why i always knew.

it's why i always knew that you were the person i was meant to love doing nothing with forever.

especially when i look over at you and we both laugh for no reason...

especially when your face says everything you need or want to say...

especially when my face says that i know exactly what you mean....

especially when our nothing turns into something...

i love to love you, joe.

and i love the way that you love me.

with a lot of love,

and lots of nothings that turn into somethings,


there is only one acceptable way to ring in the new year.
which is exactly how joe and i rang in 2014.
and that's all i have to say about that.


SRO said...

I've already commented, but I have to again. I just love this.

ss said...

lovely. really lovely.

Fontaine said...

this just made me bawl. like really. bawl.


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