a love of wee proportions


marlo: lucas, are you ready?
lucas: sure, mo, but this ain't my first rodeo, you know?
marlo: well, it's your first rodeo with me, buddy. so, just prepare yourself. 
lucas: shit's about to get real, isn't it?
marlo: wait. is that your nose. ha. boop! i got it. i got your nose. 
lucas: um, that joke is old, mo. but look at our mom's faces. they look like idiots. hug me again just to make them sound stupid again. also, i kind of like it when you hug me. 
marlo: i thought you'd never ask. (suckaaaaa.)
after the fifteenth hug from marlo, lucas begins his escape route.
again, shit gets real.

marlo: lucas, i'm not done here. you have to finish what you started.
lucas: wait, what? marlo, what are you doing? i'm not quite comfortable....
marlo: shut up and kiss me lucas.


marlo: no, lucas, like you fucking mean it. kiss me like you mean it. you mean it, right? RIGHT?
lucas: marlo, i can't breathe. and you're making me nervous. i'm starting to sweat.
marlo: look at me when you're not talking to me, dammit.


Alicia said...

I laughed so damn hard reading this post. You gals have some beautiful babies on hour hands. Look out mamas.

Unknown said...

they will be so glad to have these pictures one day! this is incredibly adorable and marlo! marlo, she's such a character.

ss said...

omg. stop.


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