marlo update | nineteen months


i don't see much of your face these days. typically, it's just the back or side of your face. almost all of the photos that i am able to capture of you are blurry because you're always going, going, going somewhere.

you rarely sit still, even if only for a few seconds. man, i wish you'd sit still for only a few seconds. sitting still is so nice. one day you'll know this with certainty.

you're beginning to develop a fondness for mickey mouse clubhouse. but only for the song intro. those big ears pop up on the screen and you go nuts! it's the cutest thing ever.

you love arugula. which is weird. you eat it raw, straight from the box or package. what's that? oh. it's just my nineteen month old toddler prancing around the apartment on her tippy toes eating lettuce.

you are a lover, my sweet one. although you are quickly learning that you can use it to your advantage. you'll come in for a juicy wet one and very ninja-like, jack our phones and run away as fast as you can. you're sneaky and i know that i'm going to have to watch out for this in the future.

all of your teeth are in. finally. those little sadistic fuckers. you poor babe. and, man, what a champ! teething took it out of you. and me. it's been a long nineteen months in that regard, but, we made it. now just potty training.

speaking of the potty. i need to read a book or something because you're definitely interested in using the bathroom like mommy and dada. you also have a lot of opinions about diapers these days and prefer not wearing one at all. thank goodness for hardwoods.

you still think farting is the most hysterical thing ever. which, you know, it is when it's you who is farting. not so much when it's your dad. or the stranger sitting beside us on the subway.

thanks to a particular neighbor who was annoyed when you called his older dog a puppy, you're starting to learn the difference between the two. you love standing on our living room window ledge and looking down on the street below while you point out every. single. puppy. that passes by to me. on a small side note, you call every animal is a puppy. or doggie. but we're THISCLOSE to convincing dad that we need a puppy when you get a little older so just keep it up, mo. keep it up.

your best friends are rio and lucas. the three of you get along so well that it blows the three of your mama's minds. there is never any tension or alpha dog stuff going on. just a lot of love and hug piles and mama hearts melting. all six of our ovaries are ticking in serious over time because of it. your fathers do not thank you.

so far, nineteen may be my favorite month. or, stage, rather. you're so curious and yet still so loving towards me and your dad. we're still your safety and shield when you're unsure of something or someone. you love family hugs and enjoy nothing more than being with the two of us.

i finally convinced your dad to grow out his beard because i find it the sexiest. (insert whistles and butt pinches. we're embarrassing, i know.) you love it, too. now that it's much softer, every time he picks you up, you put your little hands on each of his cheeks and rub his beard back and forth. you go on like that for five minutes or so, until something distracts you. your dad loves it and i think it's the sweetest. you know what? now that i think about it, i'm positive that i had absolutely nothing to do with him growing out his beard. pretty positive that would be your doing, my dear. i owe you one.

all in all, you're still pretty fantastic and my favorite person to be around every day.

i love you to the moon and back.
forever and ever, my sweet girl.



Anni said...

What is is with Mickey Mouse Clubhouse... EC goes nuts and comes running as soon as she hears the song. Let me know what you find out about potty training. I'm determined to have both of mine done before #3 comes.

nicole gonzalez said...

Happy 19 months sweet, beautiful girl. Lucas and I love you!

Unknown said...

19!!! big girl!!! xo


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