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a typcial night for this trio:
nicole being all glamourous with her awesome boobs and beautiful hair.
julie wearing all black with bright orange balls in her face.
and then there's me. doing whatever it is that i'm doing while drinking a cocktail.
1. nobody likes seeing or hearing themselves on video. it's just so awkward, am i right? so, imagine how hard i wanted to punch myself in the face when i saw my huge, big ass red lips 100 feet up on a giant flat screen on the side of a building in manhattan. literally my lips were bigger than my apartment. we're talking seventy feed wide.

2. i never thought i would have "be in a campaign for a liqueur company" on my bucket list. however, now that it's carved in stone and crossed off, i have to say that i don't hate it. in fact, i think i could get used to it. guinness, if you're reading this... i'm your girl.

3. so many of my friends showed up to the party to support me. (and to have some free solerno cocktails, let's be honest.) and it made me realized that i have way more friends in new york than i thought i did. which felt pretty fucking cool.

4. only a narcissistic asshole would assume that anyone would even care what one does on a day-to-day basis, let alone, what they're thinking on a day-to-day basis. and since i try really hard to not be a narcissistic asshole, i never thought that anyone would even care about this blog. so, the fact that people actually read it, get it, and like it, is pretty fucking cool. the fact that a company believes in what i'm doing and what i have to say and wanted to pay me to stand in front of their brand and throw a party for me and my two best gals? way beyond pretty fucking cool.

5. pretty fucking cool. that basically sums it all up. pretty. fucking. cool.

*and a few huge thank yous: the solerno family; emily at swell shark; nathan and the amazing production team; the eventi hotel for the location and event space; lucy and steven from smitten & hooked for photographing the event; luna and marla aaron for providing the wardrobe and jewelry for the campaign video; and most importantly, julie and nicole, for sharing in all of this with me. you two are the best. xoxo, c.

**i'll be sharing more photos from the party that lucy & steven took hopefully next week. if you can believe it, i didn't take a single photo while i was there. shocking, i know. 


Barbie // Fringe & Feathers said...

this picture is p.f.c.!! how awesome that you got to do this, and with your girls. Love the honesty and realness on you blog.

Leigh said...

So sorry I missed the festivities! Congrats on all the much-deserved love and attention coming your way :) You deserve it!

Unknown said...

Just found your blog through Meg's. I'm hooked.


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