welcome to the west coast!


the entire fadel clan is on the west coast for my brother-in-law, adam, and his beautiful bride, tennile's wedding! i never wanted one for myself but, man, i love weddings! family, friends, cake, food, booze, dancing, and lots of fun? so much fun. it should be mentioned that marlo is a flower girl and she is going to look so. damn. cute. in her little white dress and ballet slippers.

and, may i just say, hello perfect-no-humidity-seventy-two-degree weather!?! my hair has never cooperated so well without extremely forced effort.

the trip out here was far more successful than we anticipated. and by "far more successful," i mean, there wasn't an attempted mutiny among the other passengers where joe, myself, and marlo were thrown off of the plane somewhere over the colorado mountains. we still have to make the five hour trip home, of course, so there's still ample time for the tossing of our family out of a plane to occur.

all in due time, i'm sure.

we're here until sunday evening and i'm beginning to feel the tension in my back let loose a little. mama needed a serious damn break after the hellish past four weeks i've had with the moving and the colds and the teething. hell, y'all. so i'll allowing posting to be pretty sparse until next week when we get home and settled back into our routine.

BUT... i have two really fun- and kind of big- announcements to share with you tomorrow and one day next week.

2014 is shaping up to be pretty amazing already and it feels so incredible.

happy thursday, everyone!

*update. i am not pregnant. let me repeat: i am not pregnant. i didn't mean for announcing that there would be two big announcements would sound like a hint that i was preggers. i've already got me a really cute baby and i'm totally content being a mama to one... for now.


Unknown said...

I wanna know the BUTs haha..post more soon! Loving reading about your fam!

Unknown said...

So glad good things are happening for you! I would not have wanted to be in your shoes the past month. And holy crap Marlo is too cute for words! My fave guesses are 1. You got a sweet writing job at a fabulous publication 2. You and Marlo are being featured in a mag or other such media. Have a great weekend!

Anonymous said...

I'm so jealous you're west coast right now. My heart will be in San Diego until we make our way back. Enjoy your time there, Mama!


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