HBD Juls


me and my favorite birthday girl. 
i'm not one to get real sappy. well, actually i'm lying. i get really sappy quite often. i just don't share it publicly being that i have a reputation to uphold and all of not being sappy. but, if you'd be so kind, allow me a sec to get a little mushy about my best gal's birthday. (ps. she's not big into celebrating her day today but that won't stop me from celebrating her in my own way. which is to drink wine and write about it, obviously.) hash tag sorry not sorry juls

anyway, julie, miss grump. i just want you to know that i'm thankful for you and your friendship. i'm so glad that you stalked me on instagram and facebook and email and demanded a play date; a play date which began in washington square park, our babes running around barefoot while we drank rosé from paper cups on a blanket and ended with us quite buzzed at a restaurant whose name i can't quite remember the name of. it was the longest blind play date ever. also, the best one.

looking back, i realize that it was after meeting you and your family, that i was finally able to feel myself connecting to my new life here in new york. you've been there for me, for my family, and for my cub. you've listened to me cry, you've hugged me when i've needed it, and you've told me to get my shit together when tough love was necessary.

you're an inspiring person to so many. and like i've said before, i'm lucky to know you.

happy fucking birthday.

now. let's kick this year's ass like it's our fucking job.



ss said...

Aww I love that you guys met on instagram! How incredibly sweet. That gives me hope that maybe someday I'll have the pleasure of meeting you both. Happy Birthday, Julie! xoxoxox

Anonymous said...

so so awesome that you ladies found each other. every gal needs her partner in crime... especially the mama ones!


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