five things | the difference of one year


(left) marlo mac, 7 months, our first night in manhattan
(right) mo, 18 months, our second morning waking up in brooklyn
1. let's start with the obvious. marlo has grown just a wee bit. howdy, neighbors.

2. i am finally in love with new york. i'm still not fond of manhattan. let's get real... i hate manhattan. well, not all of it. just most of it. but brooklyn? brooklyn is my muthafuckinjam.

3. moving is really fucking hard. it doesn't matter if it's from north carolina to new york or from one side of the river to the other. it's just hard. add a sick baby to the mix and it's downright cruel and unusual punishment. and living in boxes? my own personal hell. lots of tears have been shed this week. lots.

4. you'd be amazed what you can fit into a 723 sq. ft apartment. teeny tiny spaces are the new black.

5. while trying to get some fresh air in between the constant rain showers with mo and in an attempt to explore our new 'hood this week, i discovered that i live within a two block radius from my trifecta of necessary shops: west elm (for necessities), a locally owned coffee shop slash bakery (for me-time/marathon writing sessions minus one marlo mclean), and a wine store (my version of an urgent care). i'm never leaving DUMBO.


nicole gonzalez said...

Lucas can't wait to explore the new hood with M!

eye candy said...

3 things:

1. "brooklyn is my muthafuckinjam"
2. "teeny tiny spaces are the new black."
3. "a wine store (my version of an urgent care)"

i can hear you saying these things and it's the best. serious lol. that's all. keep the gems comin yo! xo

Anonymous said...

No doubt, moving definitely does suck a big one. But moving to the perfect place is worth the trouble, I think. Happy to read that you've found your hood!

Anonymous said...

you never have to leave ! I love that you have all your necessities within walking distance. This neighborhood can be sparse on the shopping front (with the huge exception of Zoe) but its really quite refreshing most of the time!


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