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i am by no means an interior designer. but i do have a distinct style that i love and even more particular styles that make me want to break out into hives. our new apartment is a fairly blank canvas that i'm so excited to turn into our home. i'll be making progress reports here so you can see what we're (read: i am) up to.

i still have so much shit to do, like, pack the entire apartment. this weekend was extremely productive but oh, so tiring. if you're feeling generous, send wine. lots of wine.

anyway, here is my plan for the living room:

it's a fairly small room. okay, it's a really small room, but my goal is to make it cozy and comfortable. we bought a fabulous deep ink blue sofa and a mid-century media console that i've been obsessed with for... i don't know... ever. we already have a cowhide (which, in my humble opinion is the best thing that ikea has ever placed on the market.) the rest of the room is going to involve utilizing furniture that we already own and stepping it up a few notches.

that amazing yellow chair? well, i have a wingback chair- another great ikea find- which, i absolutely love and refuse to part with. it's got such strong furniture bones that it'd be a shame to waste or sell it. however, with the deep ink blue sofa, the room is going to be far too blue and masculine if i keep the chair in its current state. i plan on switching out the cheap black plastic mid-century legs that it came stocked with for some pecan colored cone legs that i found online for cheap. i am also having it recovered in that same dandelion yellow velvet that west elm sells for twenty bucks by the yard. i'm looking at spending half of what i would to buy a brand new chair and it'll be exactly what i want. i also really like mixing a more traditional style of furniture with a more modern fabric. a juxtaposition, if you will.

we also have this essex bench from west elm from years ago in a bold red ikat. i love the bench, but, i'm so over red and ikat that i could scratch my eyes out. i also hate the black squatty feet that it came stocked with. i want none of it. so, i'm replacing the bun feet and recovering it in a far more subtle print. essentially it'll be a brand new bench and i plan on using it as our coffee table or for extra seating when we have guests.

as far as accessories go, i want to bring in some brushed brass frames and a mounted set of steer horns. those will most likely be a vintage flea market find and something that joe will vehemently hate. he'll get over it because it'll be fabulous. pillows will probably be the last thing that i purchase because i'm a firm believer that pillows can make or break a room and i refuse to be hasty when making such an important purchase. but i definitely want something with a pattern that has a southwestern feel.

so, what i'm going for is mid-century meets southwestern meets traditional meets eclectic and comfortable.

did you catch all of that?


ss said...

That console! You'd love my mom's shop... unfortunately she isn't big enough yet to deliver across the country. She has so so many mid century pieces that I would take if I had room for them. Also, I'm not sure if it's happened everywhere, but the Whole Foods by my house recently started selling growlers of pinot noir. I know.

I love your style and can't wait to see what you do with your new place. Blank slates are so fun.


Anonymous said...

Looks fab! I just mentioned to my husband that I wanted to mount horns or antlers in the living room. (my dad and bro are hunters so I could get legit real ones. So why not?!) He looked at me like I was nuts. I did compromise and put a big ass drinking horn on the mantel, which I use when my toddler won't nap.

Anonymous said...

Also, how does the cowhide hold up with a kiddo? I'm considering it for our room, but we have a toddler and a new puppy. So I need something that can handle a little (or a lot of) tough love.

Christine said...

Jami, I HIGHLY recommend the cowhide. It's the easiest thing to clean and I vacuum the shit out of it daily because I shed like a puppy and marlo thoroughly enjoys throwing her food on the floor. We originally bought it for her nursery almost two years ago and it still looks brand new. BUY IT!

Amanda, PLEASE let me know when she starts shipping! And I will be checking out the growler of Pinot situation this week. Best news I've heard in a while!


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