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i'm not exactly what one would call a do-it-yourself-er. like, at all. i've always talked about diy-ing in the past but i've never followed through. it just always seemed like so much work.

well. you guys. mama finally followed through and i'm so glad that i did!

which brings me to this little three drawer dresser from ikea. the before? total bore. hey, that rhymed. the after? awesome, don't you think? and the kicker? hella cheap compared to buying a dresser just like it.

the cost run down: they cost $35 each and come unassembled and are completely unfinished and i bought two. i spent $23 on supplies (one quart of satin black paint, elmer's wood filler, a double-sided sanding block, a plastic tarp, a small paint roller, and a smaller paint brush for crevices and edges) and $30 on hardware (the martha stewart brass handles were a steal at $2 each and the two-inch brass flat L- braces were $3 per four-pack.) in total i spent $123 or about $61 per dresser.

so, now, the DIY bug has officially bitten me. i'm going to be spray-painting some old ikea picture frames for our gallery wall in the new apartment. i'm also on the hunt for a mid-century chest for marlo's new room that i want to paint it with a white chalkboard paint to go with her matte black eames rocker that i just ordered. hopefully, i'll be able to find one at a local brooklyn flea.

so, what do you think? did i pass the diy test?

*a lot of people have done this ikea hack, so, i know it's not very original. i used this particular tutorial and found it really helpful as a newbie diy-er.


Unknown said...

Impressive! I'm regretting tossing a similar, cheap dresser now.

Katie Sutherland said...

Looks awesome! As a DIY'er myself, I'm pretty impressed and glad you have stepped over to the DIY side.

Unknown said...

I love it! DIY is easier than you think!

Anonymous said...

i really love this. also, have you noticed its really hard to find random things you might need after a move in Dumbo?


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