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dinner just isn't quite as exciting without
your feet propped on the table.
1. this girl. i've heard from multiple sources that i'd be amazed at how much she would grow physically from birth to her first birthday. and it was absolutely true. i look back at her newborn pictures and i can't believe that the newborn that i'm holding as if she'll break is the same rambunctious, busy, into-fucking-everything toddler that i live with and clean up after all day, every day. but it's the mental and emotional growth that she's experiencing now that is truly blowing my mind. when i look at things from that fresh perspective that only a curious toddler can have, i'm so, so very proud of her. she has no preconceived notions, nor does she give a shit what people think. she's just making her way through this big life, soaking up as much as she can, and making people laugh along the way. she's kind, gentle (well, most days), and so loving. she's funny and weird and makes no apologies. if you ask me, biased mama or not, that is a pretty fucking fantastic way to live life. i love you so very much, marlo.

2. marky mark got his high school diploma. he wrote an insightful article about the drop-out crisis among teenagers and how it affects our society. when asked why he thought it was necessary to get his diploma some twenty-four years after his graduation date, he said, "i didn't want the kids saying, 'you didn't do it, so why do i need it?'" let me just state for the record, there is nothing sexier than a man who values education, sets a good example for his kids, cares about the community, and who wants to help others invest into their own future. mark, my fine sir, you just climbed back up to spot numero uno of the sexy list.

3. i read a quote recently that said, "how you make others feel about themselves, says a lot about you." cue "aha!" moment and add this to the top of my 2014 intention list.

4. because we're moving to a place that is roughly the same size as our current apartment but has a different layout, making our bedroom much smaller and marlo's room much bigger, we are being forced to downsize a lot of our furniture. i thought it would be a painful process but i've found it quite the opposite. in fact, it's been quite liberating. i'm beginning to greatly appreciate the necessity of curating pieces that will have meaning and be exactly what we want for our home. new pieces are being ordered very soon, vintage markets will be scoured through the fall, and a whole lotta diy is being planned. you guys. who the hell am i? (on a side note: i'm selling a whole bunch of stuff. if you're in the nyc surrounding areas and are in the market for some furniture and random things, please contact me. my email is in the contact tab. some stuff can even be shipped.)

5. we're leaving early tomorrow morning for north carolina for almost two weeks and i'm so excited to see our family and friends. every few months, i feel this intense need for a reset button and visiting family usually does it for me. plus, fall in the carolinas is pretty amazing, minus the smell of pumpkin spice everywhere. yuck.


Unknown said...

I'm going to miss you, bff.

Unknown said...

and #teammarlo too.

Anonymous said...

woohoo... let's have a marlo, penny, boone, hangout session for sure this time!


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