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a fave new spot that serves eight ounces of rosé for eight bucks.
they also have rosemary french fries with homemade mayonnaise.
all will blow your mind.
my roll dog, julie.
i was drunk and completely fascinated by these stairs and how not a single banister was straight.
i kept yelling at julie, "i can't get a good fucking angle!!"
day nine hair (so gross, i know.) and this curious little cub that i know.
joe made buckwheat pancakes for breakfast.
we ventured to park slope and stopped for beers and brunch at backyard.
alliteration for the win. also, amazing beer but i can't remember the name. 
that same curious cub really likes the subway car windows and her reflection.
i just really like her.
singing and dancing around our apartment in her fedora.
mister softee. i was super tempted to take one straight to the face but i refrained.
i drank a beer instead.
happy weekend, folks.


Unknown said...

i love these posts, keep them up... and ps i love that im your roll dog.... #mofoforlife #8ounces8bucks

ss said...

alliteration for the win!


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