in my closet | snobbery and black skinnies


admittedly, i've become such a snob. not because i don't love a good sale or turn my nose up at cheaper things because that is absolutely not the case. it's just that since i've become a mama, i don't have time to think about what to wear. i like to spend time with my kid, rather than spend time in my closet. and, yes, i have a mom-iform. some may call it boring, sure. but i can guarantee that nobody has ever called black skinnies, tacky, or a structured blazer, cheap or gaudy.

and because i believe in sticking to what works, what's timeless, and what will easily transition not only season-to-season but also from day-to-night, i believe that quality over quantity matters. as such, i just got these coated skinnies and can already think of a hundred different ways to wear them.

so, here are two. playground and date night approved.

the usual suspect | THE jeans | boyfriend fit tee |

play date | shrunken denim jacket | messenger bag | chucks | club masters |

date nightstructured blazer | calf-hair pumpsearrings | necklacecross-body bag |


Chelsea Mac said...

Quality over quantity everytime! These pants are fantastic - and I love how you've styled them.

Anonymous said...

Love this, I've got a pair of shiny black skinnies like these and I wear them with everything!


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