in my closet | purges and acquisitions


y'all. i just purged the shit out of my closet. and man, do i love cleaning out closets! something about it is so therapeutic.

however, the truth must be told... i was actually taking inventory... and making room.

so here are a few (or ten, but who's counting?) things that are either on their way to me or patiently waiting in a cyberspace shopping bag for a coupon code.

(uhhh, sorry, husband.)

 | from hat clockwise |
| hat | leather 'camden' tote | skinny bf denim | silk boyshirt  (currently on sale!) | leather sleeved tee | gold nail cuff | long bar necklace | everyday shoulder bag | leather and snakeskin flateveryday chambray shirt* |

(*i legitimately need a new denim shirt. i recently ripped the sleeves off of my trusty, perfectly worn-in, three-year-old fave from madewell when i was far too bored for my own good.)


erin said...

yeap you did it again. need.


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