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in honor of world breastfeeding week and the plethora of breastfeeding photos dominating my facebook and instagram feeds (lot-o-boobs!) and after reading this article, i wanted to say a few things.
these are two of my favorite photos of me and my baby girl.

and, yes, i know that i look exhausted.
and, yes, i know my boobs are gigantic.
they're filled with lots of liquid gold.
but that sweet little hand and that sweet little babe nestled into me?
for quite a long time, it was my idea of perfection.
ps. if you have a problem with this photo, you can file it under:
tell it to someone who cares.
thank you.
1. i believe in only two rules as a mama: one) do whatever works for you and your family. and two) don't judge other mothers for doing what works for them and their family if it doesn't work for you and yours.

2. i breastfed marlo exclusively and didn't supplement. i'm not saying this because it's some badge of honor. i'm just stating it for matter of fact. the truth is, i wanted to breastfeed for much longer. but marlo, being the independent baby that she was and still is, self-weaned at eleven months. at first, i was devastated, but honestly, after i got over her physical detachment from me, i became flooded with relief. i got my hormones and body back, i started to feel better than i had since before she was born. and i don't- nor should i- feel guilty about that. i'm a better mom now than i was for quite some time because i feel better more like myself. THAT, my friends, is a badge of honor.

3. i, like many other mothers, believe that breast is best- as in the healthiest. however, i don't believe that it's best for every family. the first month or so that marlo and i were nursing, well, it sucked. it was painful and i thought about throwing in the towel more times than i can count. but it's something that i wanted to do so i stuck with it. it became easier but it doesn't for all moms. i think that mothers have not only an obligation to their children and their families to do what is best, but they have an upmost important obligation to also do what is best for THEM. mothers shouldn't make themselves martyrs just because of social ridicule or what the breastfeeding moms at playgroup will say. again, whatever works.

4. i, personally, had zero qualms nursing in public. while i wasn't one of the moms that just plopped her boob out without a cover, i have no problem when other mothers do. in fact, i totally like it. power to the boobs and all that. however, there were times when marlo refused to be covered. she was curious and wanted to see what was going on around her while she nursed. so, yeah, a few people saw my boobs. did i ever make an apology? nope. should i have? nope. not only do i believe that breastfeeding is beautiful, i believe that nursing your baby is probably the most natural thing in the world next to sex. i just think that society has forgotten that your boobs are actually there for that reason.

5. now. back to the whole non-judgement thing. am i opinionated about issues regarding parenthood? sure. absolutely. i'm opinionated about everything regarding pretty much everything. but, mother to fellow mother, it's my job as your comrade and fellow soldier in this war (yes, sometimes, that's exactly what motherhood feels like: an uphill battle in an unending war) to back you up, to support you. when i see mothers judging other mothers because they don't do this or they do that, or because they drink wine on play-dates, or they co-sleep or sleep train, use disposable diapers instead of cloth... well, it makes me want to cut someone. you don't know the story behind any of what they are dealing with or why they've made the decisions that they have. so shut yo' mouth.

be the back-up, not the enemy.

as women, i believe that we have enough of those already.


Anonymous said...

Damn good post!
And, wine at play-dates?! Can I come?

Christine said...

You can if you drink rosé... ;-)

thanks for reading :)


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