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i don't have a formal living room. hell, i don't even have a separate room to be called a living room. what i have is more like a living space. but that doesn't mean that i can't dream about a formal living room one day which will be off-limits to children, feet will not be propped up on anything, and dust will accumulate on everything because we're not formal people and it's likely that no one will ever go in there.

but it'll be pretty!

sofa | leather chairs | upholstered chairs |  cowhide |
credenza | origami coffee table | dot art printlamp


Unknown said...

need this is my apt. our apt needs help! if i could afford your services you bet your ass you'd be decorating our pad. we are buying a lake house soon (looking at properties in august. you will definitely have to be by id for it)

Christine said...

Luckily for you, I charge in bottles of rose.

CCarbott said...

My interior designer pulled that Dwell leather chair into our plan. Looks amazing with the ottoman too- however it was out of the budget! Love your style


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