marlo | the toddler version


you're almost fourteen months old.

you are stubborn, determined, and infinitely curious, qualities that all come to you honestly. 

your hair is turning the most beautiful shade of auburn.

it's also growing into a mullet. and you refuse to wear bows. 

your toes are edible. 

you frequently let me nibble on them and just laugh and laugh and laugh.

you are very expressive. you have been since you were a teeny thing. 

your scrunchy face is my particular favorite.

you have eight teeth with little gaps in between. two molars are painfully making their way in.

your eyes are the most unbelievable color, a mix of jade, greyish-blue, and hazel.

you have a sinister sense of humor. and i love it.

your laugh sounds like a little baby doll. the simplest things will make you unleash it.

you refuse baths these days and instead prefer to shower with one of us.

you're obsessed with pigeons and babies.

you are a devout people watcher. you are quite skilled at making people oddly uncomfortable.

your pointer finger is the cutest thing i've ever seen. it leads you wherever you want to go.
you don't say many words but you are definitely able to communicate your thoughts.

you grunt like a sixty year old grumpy man. it's quite effective.

we take the whole 'mini-me-matchy-matchy' thing pretty seriously. jorts for the win.

i sing to you 'you are my sunshine' every night before bed. twice sung, the last time hummed.

as i begin singing, you immediately nuzzle your head in the nook of my neck. it's my favorite moment of the day.

you sleep with a cheap ikea blanket, a pink lovey, and a white stuffed lamb. you need all three.

as your mimi says, you eat with gusto.

you love all things carbs. particularly bagels, pancakes, and french fries.

you throw your food on the floor (or at us) when you're finished. THEN you'll sign 'all done.'

you'll stop whatever you're doing to run over and give me the biggest hug. i live for it.

you have a poop corner in the living room and take your privacy very seriously. i respect it.
some days you are my silver lining and the exact perspective that i need.

other days you force me to drink wine like it's water.

some days i wish i could bottle this stage up and hold onto it forever.

other days, i can't wait to see it go.

some days, you actually listen to me.

other days, you just shake your head at me and laugh. i've learned to pick my battles.

some days, i think that i've totally got this- motherhood, that is.

other days, i'm waving that white flag by 3 pm.

but all days i'm learning, growing, and becoming better than i was yesterday.

all days, i'm thankful that you're mine and i'm thankful that you're you.

all days, i'm proud to be your mama.

all day, every day, i fall more and more in love with you.


miss verse said...

I love how you capture Marlo's personality. You do it so well- I feel like I know her! You are doing a great job, Mama! <3

Unknown said...

you are an incredibly eloquent writer.
loved today's post.
also loved the one about being hungover, again, you are me/ i am you ;)


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