i believe


all types of love.
therapy. and not the kind that involves wine and your girlfriends.
setting the example.
being kind to yourself.
being authentic.
sharing your struggle.
supporting other women,
not judging or tearing each other down.
triple cream, full fat cheese. the stinkier the better.
picking your battles.
wearing sunscreen.

people make mistakes.
they don't always learn from them.
a hug can fix a lot.
the worst type of pain is grief.
alone time is important time.
families come in all shapes and sizes.
less is always more.
wine is some(most)times a necessity.
marriage takes work. more on some days than others.
being a mother should be a role, not your entire identity.
silence stings the worst.
the man makes the suit.
people are brought into your life for reasons.
red lipstick can totally change your day.

okay to be angry.
okay to admit that you were wrong.
really difficult to forgive certain people.
probably smart not to forget what they did.
not always easy.
not always worth it.
always worth trying, even just to say that you tried.
important to show up.
important to follow through.
necessary to tell people you love them if you do.



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