recipe: a potato salad of sorts


potato salad. let's talk about it.

like a true southern girl, i love it. however, if you're southern, you'll find what i'm about to tell you blasphemous: i don't like it old-school style, drenched in mayonnaise and mustard with egg. actually, i take that back; when my sister-in-law is making it, i can't get enough of it. she must lace it with meth or heroin or something because that shit is just delicious and addicting. i'm a hoarder when it comes to her potato salad.

anyway, potato salad is always my go-to when i'm trying to clean out veggies and herbs from the fridge. i always have some sort of potato on hand and typically keep ingredients that go well with potatoes stocked in my fridge. i could probably write an entire book about all of the potato salads i've made. all delicious, i swear.

about a week ago- for a certain unmentionable basketball game- we had friends over for tacos and beers. i was trying to figure out a side dish to make. predictably, i fell to old faithful. except this time, i made it with ingredients that were already in the tacos. sidenote: i have a serious love affair with cilantro. does anyone else feel this way? i could literally just chew it like gum. and i have. that's weird, right? 

recipe after the jump

really fucking good mexican potato salad

the what:
1-2 pounds red creamer potatoes. you can use yukon gold, too.
cilantro (don't look to me for quantities. i use a lot.)
1 jalapeno or serrano pepper, diced, seeded and ribs discarded
zest and juice of 1 or 2 limes
extra virgin olive oil
1-15.5oz can of black beans, drained and rinsed
1 small red onion, finely diced
salt and pepper
some red chili flake if you're feeling spicy

the how-to:
since red creamer potatoes are pretty small, i either cut them in half or quarter them depending on their size. the goal is to just make sure they're all around the same size so they cook at the same time. put them in a big pot, add enough cold water to cove the potatoes. bring them to a boil. throw some salt in the water for flavor. cook for about ten minutes or until fork tender. don't let them become mush. drain them. *don't put cold, raw potatoes into boiling water because they won't all cook at the same time or all the way through. they'll be mushy on the outside and raw on the inside. 

in a skillet- preferably cast-iron because it achieves the best browning, in my humble opinion- heat up some olive oil and throw in the potatoes. you want them browned on each side and somewhat crispy. that process takes about ten minutes or so. and don't flip them too much. they'll never brown if you constantly move them around. 

meanwhile, in your serving bowl, add your beans, diced red onion and jalapeno. once the potatoes are browned to your liking, toss them in the bowl. while they are still hot, add your extra virgin olive oil, lime zest and juice, salt and pepper, optional chili flakes, and finally your blessed cilantro. toss it around. 

try to enjoy it while it's still warm. but it is also just as great served at room temperature (which is what we did, i just got a few quality control tastes while it was still hot and hot damn!) so it'd be great for an outdoor bbq or party. enjoy!!

*i actually had a friend try this recipe before i posted it on here and her exact words were, "this is really, really delicious. it's now going to be our staple on taco night and we eat tacos A LOT." so there ya' go. taste-tester approved!



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