eleven months


i won't get all sappy about how she's growing up, losing a bit of the baby each and every day, or how she just makes me the happiest, jolliest i've ever been. no, i'll save that for a post coming up in a month. but i would like to tell you a few things about miss marlo mac because i think she's quite the catch.

she thoroughly enjoys being naked. as evidenced by the above picture, she has now learned how to take off her shirt. before bath time each night, i let her have some naked time and it never fails that she pees all over the floor. but that little naked bum of hers is just the cutest ever so learning my lesson isn't exactly high on my list of priorities.

she is beginning to throw tantrums. call me blissfully ignorant, but i wasn't even aware that an eleven month old could do such a thing, especially one as impressive as hers. it's like she was born to throw a tantrum. she lays on the floor face down, kicking her little arms and legs, screaming/fake-crying, and then stops to look up at me to see if i'm watching her, and laughs. it is yet to be decided if she is laughing at her wide range and display of emotions or simply at me. probably the latter.

as i've said before, we are no longer nursing. but the other day when she was completely nuclear and coming undone by the second for a reason that i was unable to determine, i pulled out the trusty boob to see if she would want to nurse. and she slapped it. she. slapped. it. apparently she is as appalled at their post-nursing appearance as i am.

she still refuses to cuddle with me or her dad. however, in place of hugs or snuggles, she gives the sloppiest, wettest open-mouth kisses. if she continues to keep up with this particular style of kissing, we may not have to worry about her dating much.

she doesn't really play with toys. her 'toys' consist of toilet paper, the cardboard rolls after she's completely unraveled and attempted to eat all of the paper, the child-safety locks on all of the kitchen cabinets, water bottles, un-organizing and gnawing on mama's shoes (but only the expensive leather ones, naturally), and rearranging all of our rugs. recently, she's taken a particular interest in emptying all of our trashcans of their contents. some days i wonder if she's half puppy.

she likes to go to one particular corner in the living room and stare at me while she poops. it's as if she needs the moral support. i get it. i like joe to hold my hand every once in a while, too.

this obviously goes without saying, but since i believe that repetition is the most effective tool for achieving the highest rate of agreement, i'll say it again: she is really, really, really damn cute.

happy eleven months, marlo mac! you, my sweet girl, are just plain awesome.



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