a sunny saturday morning spent at a new york city park on the swings


a look on marlo's face that i hope i never forget.
a look of pure joy.
being able to see the world through marlo's eyes is a wondrous thing. it allows for a few of those aha! moments to creep in and put things into perspective, moments that make you look at life just a tad bit differently. so far, parenthood has been full of them but on this particular day, it was almost as if i was craving this moment as much as i needed the sunshine beaming on my face.

for marlo, everything is something new to experience and learn from. as adults, i think we forget to watch, listen, and learn from even the littlest of experiences. children have this natural instinct to do just that and it's amazing to witness and have a role in. i'm particularly thankful to have been given the reminder to do it more often myself.

as an adult, our version of joy is forever tainted. yes, we can be happy and i truly am most days, but pure joy is rare the older you become. true joy is happiness without all of the interference of the crap that we have to deal with on a daily basis, without all of the worries and pain and guilt of everyday life. children are blissfully ignorant to those all-too-common life complications. and they should be; our babies shouldn't have the worries of the real world yet, although sadly, some do. 

when marlo is flying through the sky on a swing with her arms out, the smile on her face isn't marred by that bill that hasn't been paid yet or that idiotic thing she said that she can't take back. she is undoubtedly living in that exact moment, loving her weightlessness swinging through the breeze. most importantly, that beaming smiling that she's sharing with the world? well, she's beaming up at me because i'm the the one giving her that experience. 

how beautiful is that? to be the one that opens your child's eyes to life and the joy that it has to offer? even something as simple as a ride on a swing? 

i know that one day, probably one too soon for comfort, other people will be the ones opening her eyes to all different aspects of life- some good and some that i'd rather her not ever be exposed to- but for now, this moment is mine. this moment is ours, mine and my girl's. 

and i want to enjoy it and remember it forever. 


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