a few monday morning nap time thoughts


1. when your kid is having a rough day, it's okay to have a rough day, too. yesterday, marlo just hated everything. me, joe, food, sleep, being outside, being inside, being held, not being held. you name it, she hated it. she basically cried all day long. finally around 2pm, i realized that i really needed to cry, too. so as i was holding her and out of view of my husband, i did a big ol' ugly cry right along with her. while i was trying to pull myself together after a few minutes, she momentarily paused her crying, glared up at me absolutely and utterly perplexed, and smiled for an entire second before the crying resumed. sure, she still hated life, but man did i feel better and more equipped to put on a brave face for my very unhappy girl.
2. i bought this print to put in marlo's room as a little joke. i mean, what kid doesn't whine, complain, and frown every once in a while? but, very quickly, i realized that i didn't buy it for her at all. i bought it for me. truth be told, i can be a really great whiner and complainer when i want to be. also, hugging it out just is not my thing. so, it's going in our entryway. or on the ceiling over my side of our bed to be the first thing i see when i wake up every morning. 

3. my best friend's bachelorette party was this past weekend in the city. on saturday morning when i was home and cleaning out the remnants of my clutch (it's how i piece all of the events back together in conjunction with my iphone photos), i found a torn slip of paper from a bartender named roger with hearts drawn on the paper and a phone number. when i showed my husband this, he laughed and asked if i got any free drinks out of it. my reply? 'babe. look at me, of course i got free drinks.' his response? 'good. less drinks i had to pay for.' this, ladies and gentleman, is why i love my husband. 

4. marlo will be one entire year old in under two weeks. and while a month ago, her turning one made me very sentimental and teary-eyed, now it just terrifies me. i'll tell you why: this child is something else. she has a lot of personality, more sass than i was ever prepared to deal with, and is probably the most stubborn and determined person i've ever met.  i knew that i'd have a child that would keep me on my toes- an apple-tree kind of thing- but, fuck. we are in for a very wild and entertaining ride. 

5. as i type this, i can hear marlo waking up from her nap. and by waking up from her nap, i mean i can hear her squealing at the top of her lungs and jumping from one end of her crib to the other. she's also throwing her lovey and stuffed lamb and blanket onto the floor because that's just what she does. when she's done with something- loveys, food, spoons, bath toys, bottles, books, blankets, clothes, diapers, you name it, she can throw it- she throws in on the floor and blankly stares at you until you register what she's trying to tell you. she may only be able to say three words (mama, dada, and dat!), but her preferred form of communication is quite affective. 



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