marital mottos


we celebrated our one year anniversary saturday and let me just say that the past year has flown by hella fast. marriage didn't really change a whole lot for us other than my last name: we co-habitated long before we were married (a few times, actually) and broke-up enough times to know what it's like to live without the other and neither of us liked it all that much. we're big fans of each other.

another reason for why not much has changed for us since getting married is that joe has always lived by the motto happy wife, happy life. seeing as how i'm the wife in said motto, i couldn't agree more. me being happy is just easier on both of us- we've all seen the alternative and it ain't good. but that doesn't mean that joe isn't happy. he's the labrador retriever of happiness; he just wants to be petted and loved. also, i reward him with food. you see, i live by the motto the way to a man's heart is through his stomach.

food is how i say a lot of things to joe. if i'm not quite feeling like the happy wife, i tell him he's on his own and he better not bring any "mother fucking processed or fast food into this house!" if i'm the happy wife that day, he get's a real meal made with love. kind of like this chicken milanese with a shaved fennel and watercress salad and parmesan grits that i just whipped up for our anniversary dinner. oh and those grits? dear god. they made me want to slap someone they were so good.
i'm pretty sure that over the course of the next fifty years or so, joe may be able to find one or two things annoying about me (who are we kidding? i'm totally reaching. joe and i both know that i'm perfect). but my cooking?

yeah, that ain't one of them.



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