this might be the most important thing i've ever posted and i'm not exaggerating. not even one bit.


was anyone else aware that yesterday was world nutella day? you guys. world nutella day!! where would you say this ranks in matter of important days to celebrate? i'm thinking somewhere between christmas, martin luther king, jr. day, and my birthday. well, maybe not my birthday because that would just be blasphemous.

and how was i not even aware?! ohhhh the devastation on my nutella loving soul. think about all of the ounces i could've gained and the fingers and spoons that could've been licked clean. it's a tragedy, truly. i demand a do-over. i never ask for those so i feel that i'm owed one. my good karma can come back right now. right this minute.

today, as a fiercely loyal nutella devotee, i find it my responsibility and duty to pay my respects. so, marlo and i are going to march our happy behinds to whole foods and buy a jumbo jar of that sinfully delicious hazelnut-chocolate wonder (we've got to be economical at the very least when paying eight dollars for extra butt dimples, am i right?). and after we skip home, brandishing the nutella pride flag, marlo will watch me demolish at least half of that economical purchase of heaven because yesterday was world nutella day and that deserves a damn celebration!


monkeyandsquirrel said...

do it girl!


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