and now, how the super bowl left me traumatized and terrified...


so i watched the super bowl last night. rather, i watched the beyonce bowl because she fucking killed it!  unlike ray lewis who actually killed someone. but whatever.

i actually don't even know who won nor do i care. my three highlights included: the aforementioned beyonce bowl, who- with just that ten-ish minute performance- became my idol; the brotherhood clydesdale commercial; and realizing that my theory of how to raise marlo to be sexually assured and confident went right out the window right along with go daddy's and hardee's taste. the last one was me being sarcastic. because i'm traumatized.

actually, distasteful doesn't even begin to describe what i witnessed. more like incredibly gross and creepy. don't get me wrong, i'm all for hot and half-naked women working their goods (to each their own and all that) but the go daddy and hardee's commercials just left me feeling dirty and used and absolutely pissed off. and for the record, it takes a lot to make me uncomfortable. with that said, i actually covered my eyes watching bar rafaeli make out with that nerd and felt like i should give kate upton some privacy to 'enjoy' her sandwich properly.

when i found out that our baby was going to be marlo, i told myself that i would raise her to be confident and in command of her own sexuality. my thought process being that if she owned it, she wouldn't let anyone simply and carelessly take it away from her. it's truly heartbreaking how common it is for young women to regret their first sexual experiences and i don't want that for my girl. when i see these commercials and just general overload of sexuality in our society, i am absolutely terrified that she'll one day think, "who needs to be bright, witty, and undyingly determined and strong when you can just get naked and let a jalapeno give you an orgasm? that's how you get somewhere in society!!"

last night, it hit me to my core what joe and i are up against raising our girl. can society give our young girls a break? does our sweet girl even stand a chance? how are we supposed to do this? how do we navigate this heartbreakingly sexualized road that she's bound to discover? do we just let her figure it out? is that even possible to take that big of a step back? for me, i sincerely doubt it. and since locking her up in a tower and chastity belt isn't exactly an option- unless it is, in which case, I'm all ears- we've got to start working on a plan b.



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