my food philosophies and a few resources


admittedly, i enjoy anything battered and fried, i am a cheese whore (the stinkier, the better), and i'm an equal opportunist when it comes to alcohol with a devout prejudice against rum. there isn't a food that i don't absolutely love, and before moving to nyc, i'd eat a lot of it. moderation wasn't my thing.

since change seems to my theme for 2013, i have since completely overhauled the way that i eat and think about food. i've admitted to myself that i have little self-control and have determined that for the time being, i'm an all or nothing girl. that means, until i figure out what truly works for me and my body and what makes me feel my absolute best, moderation has no place in my life. it works for some people, just not for me. and through this new approach, i'm slowly but surely learning what my body can tolerate small amounts of (the cinnamon bun that i dominated saturday morning) and what has no business being in my diet (processed food and most dairy).

i don't believe in counting calories. i don't believe in weighing myself. i don't believe in fad diets. i believe in learning as much as i can about the food that i eat and the food that i feed my family. i believe in listening to my body and only consuming what makes me feel good. i believe in common sense. i've always considered myself a fairly healthy person, yet this new approach, this almost-dumb-it's-so-simple approach, seems to be working better than anything else i've tried. and i've tried it all. 

if it doesn't make you feel good or benefit your body in some way, then don't eat or drink it. 

i told you. stupid simple.

i am by no means the epitome of perfect health or any kind of expert. i am just eager to learn about my body and health and do all that i can to feel good, if not great. and since i get quite a few questions from friends (and even strangers, oddly enough) about what i eat and feed my family, i figured that i'd list some of the resources that have played an integral part in feeling better than i have in years.
this documentary is the sole reason i started juicing once a day, every day. you'll cry at the end and realize that if these men can do what they did, there is no excuse for you. 
less meat, more veggies. and it's just as important to know where your food comes from. 

i read both of nina planck's books while pregnant and i loved them. they quickly taught me that just because the box says organic, doesn't mean it's actually healthy. if it's from a box and sitting on a shelf, does the organic part really even matter?  eat real fresh food. and feed real fresh food to your baby. 
i love michael pollan. he's has a very simple premise: eat real food, not too much, and more veggies than meat. this book is a game changer and the one i recommend starting with. it isn't as in your face as others.
currently reading this book recommended to me by my friend fontaine. i am resistant to buy into the whole gluten-free craze; however, i've discovered that whenever i eat wheat, i get headaches that commonly turn into debilitating-knock-you-on-your-ass-close-the-drapes-migraines. i figure that learning about wheat and gluten and what it does to our bodies couldn't hurt more than my head very commonly does. 
so, there you have it. i'm no health maniac. but something had to give and so far it's working.

my life philosophy: learn as much as you can. live what you find. reap the rewards. 



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