Old School.


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I just found this shop on Etsy that sells organic wooden toys and teethers and I am contemplating buying every single thing. I absolutely loathe plastic electronic toys so I am totally into this. Marlo received a beautifully refinished vintage rocker from the 1940's that I can't wait to watch her play on.

I feel like when I ask people to not buy her those sorts of toys, I get stares of all sorts. Call me crazy, but is it such a crime that I want my kid to read books or draw with actual crayons on real paper rather than play Angry Birds on the iPod when she's bored?


Cookie said...

Oh you are not nuts, I promise! I wonder sometimes if tv/computers/technology isn't a major contributor to the increase in ADD/ADHD, or maybe even autism. My kids are going to read Richard Scarry, in book form, and play with blocks in person. Like god intended ;)


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