Domestic Happenings


We got A LOT of things done around the house this weekend and I feel like I can finally breathe. We're paying our handy man to do everything else that needs to be done B.M. (before Marlo) because I just don't want to deal with it. I prefer taking naps.
We got new His and Hers bedside tables. HERS is red, loud, and funky. HIS has clean lines, a hidden compartment, and is pretty easy on the eyes. I'll just leave that metaphor alone. Too easy.
Remember THE chair? Well THE chair is officially MY (I mean, Marlo's) chair. I'd be lying if I said I hadn't already spent hours imagining what it'll be like to rock our girl in it once she comes home and that I immediately start crying at the thought. I'm quite mushy these days. I blame the hormones. 
Can you believe that we're in the single-weeks countdown? I sure can't; I start crying at the thought because I'm so damn excited to see our girl. I can't wait for a lot of things but I think I'm most excited to see Joe holding Marlo. MY man holding MY baby? Would you like me to cry now or later? I also can't wait to smell that perfect newborn-baby smell. It's intoxicating.

I just realized how much I'm crying lately. I think I've gone soft.

I seriously need to lock it up.



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