The List


First, I resolve to get serious about these resolutions (read: actually do them). But in all honesty, the fact that some of last year's resolutions haven't been completed isn't entirely my fault. 2011 threw me a couple of curve balls that I wasn't expecting and I had to bob and weave accordingly. For the record, I think that I kick ass at bobbing and weaving.

So here is THE LIST of shit that I have/get/want/can't freaking wait to do in 2012. I'm keeping it simple and sweet this year with only five things. Let's get real, the odds of actually doing all of these things are in my favor when there are less of them.

1. Meet our sweet Marlo. She was one of those curve balls I was referring to.
2. Give up meat and most dairy. Damn, and while I'm at it go ahead and add refined sugar to the quit-list. This was one of the things on 2011's Shit To Quit List but I'm blaming Marlo for this, too. When you're pregnant and already have to die drastically alter your daily diet, are borderline anemic, need extra calcium, and tend to crave chocolate covered bacon bars, there are some battles that you just aren't capable of fighting. But setting a healthy example for M is added motivation.
3. I'd like to get married, too. From what I've heard, when someone asks you to marry them they typically do it with the intention of actually making it legally binding. Plus, I'm anxious as hell for Joe to be my husband and me to be his wife. The Miss shall become a Missus. Whoop whoop.
4. Continue putting my thoughts onto paper. Or onto the internet. Whatever, same thing. Same benefit for my soul.
5. Keep up this whole happiness thing.

2012, Marlo, and married life, I truly can't wait to meet you!



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