Unexpected Perks


OOOOOH the joys of pregnancy. And for once, I'm not being sarcastic.

I no longer have to be conscious of holding my stomach in- that's not a gut, it's a baby. I always get to pick the dinner locale. If J doesn't like my pic, I blame it on the baby because the baby ALWAYS gets its way. I like this way-getting now, I probably won't like this in a year or two. I don't have to justify napping twice on a Sunday (or Saturday) because I'm planning ahead and really just training the baby to get used to my sleep cycle. I don't have to apologize for being easily annoyed; it's my hormones fault and my hormones just think that all other people are annoying and sometimes very unintelligent.

I always get the last bite of anything we're eating. That, actually, has always been the case. J just doesn't even bother to fight for it now. When J catches me crying at insurance commercials, I no longer feel the need to blame my tears on allergies. The lady giving me my pedicure always rubs my feet for a few extra minutes. I loovveeee this lady. I constantly tell J how easy he has it with me because I'm so low-maintenance (Mom, stop laughing). When he begs to differ- as he often does- I threaten to show him a birthing video on YouTube and literally show him just how easy he has it.

I think that pregnancy is awesome.

J's verdict is still out.



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